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Installation of NBN using TPG

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I am largely technology-illiterate / ignorant.

We are going to install the NBN in our home using TPG. We have never used a land-line for phone or internet services in this home before. We use a wireless dongal for internet access currently. The previous residents did have a land-line they used for telephony and they had an ADSL broadband service.

When we install the NBN will we need Telstra to connect the line for the router to the telephone exchange? Just not sure what Telstra may need to do in addition to TPG and potential cost of that.

Any relevant advice would be appreciated.



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Hi @davidcharles195!


Don't worry about not knowing too much about the NBN... it can be quite confusing for lots of people Smiley Happy


The good news about NBN is that you don't need Telstra to do anything for you. If you sign up with TPG, TPG will arrange for the installation of your NBN Bundle - i.e. the Internet and Home Phone services. It will be an NBN technician/contractor who actually does the install work, but it's fully arranged and communicated to you by TPG. You pay everything to TPG, not to NBN or Telstra.

Once installed, TPG use their own pretty vast internet and voice network to deliver the NBN service to you, so there's no Telstra involvement at all.


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Does that extend to the copper wire service fee? I refer of course to the service fee that was part of the Telstra bill over and above calls.