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It's My first time to NBN in Australia

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Hello TPG
I immigrated to Australia a year ago. I recently bought a house with a permanent visa approved and am planning to move on May 17.
A year ago, when I first immigrated, I used Myrepublic's Internet (ADSL2). However, it was so slow that it could never be used that the Internet was cut off every five minutes. So I called the customer center and they answered that they had no choice if it was a problem inside the house.
Since then, I have been using Optus' wireless Internet.

After moving on May 17, I will use the NBN of TPG.
Q1) How long does it take to install it if I apply to TPG?(Note, the address I will move to is XXX Runaway Bay,QLD4216)

Q2) How do I use NBN at home?" (ADSL2 from Myrepublic was informed that it had been opened from the outside and used with Modem connected to the telephone socket) Do I have to install a separate socket for NBN? Or does the technician visit the house and install the socket?


Hi @imsjdent,


Welcome to the Community!


The standard NBN installation time frame is 2-30 days.


I checked your address and found that the type of service you'll get is NBN HFC which utilizes a coaxial connection. You therefore won't be using a phone socket. Instead, an NTD (Network Termination Device) will be connected to a coaxial wall socket. Your modem will then be connected to this NTD for it to work.


In addition, your location is tagged as Service Class 23 which means that on the record of NBNCo, there's already an existing coaxial wall plate in the house. This means, that the NBN technician will simply have to bring and install the NTD.


Let me know if you need clarification.