Modem Delivery

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I am still waiting on the modem to be delivered to my place. I recieved an email from TPG saying that the modem has been dispatched by StarTrack. I got a message from TPG saying the modem will be delivered on the 7th of May. When I track my order on StarTrack, it says the item will be delivered on the 7th of May and also that it has been delivered (see attached screenshot). It is the 8th now and I have not received the delivery. I was at home the whole day. Neither have I received a message from AusPost or TPG saying I have missed the delivery. I do not know where the modem is right now.



Hi @susan1404 ,


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To clarify the status of the shipment we recommend to contact startrack directly 13 23 45.


Note: If the online delivery status show Item Delivered there is a chance that the equipment is to pick up to the nearest post office in your area.


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.