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Moving Home and no update

Level 2

Hi TPG Team,


I have raised a request for urgent NBN/TPG installation - moving home to my new address at Marsden Park. Ever since that request on 1/04 I have not hear back any updates. No Chat people or assistance on phone. Diverted me for 2 hours and advised me 3 days ago that a senior escalation manager will contact me within 24 to 48 hours. I wonder if that would be 24+48 hours = 72 hours that has also passed with no one has any information.


If TPG is working from home I can appriciate if they are really WORKING for customers? I wonder who would be calling me and when? I wonder when TPG will get me NBN Technician as they have already deducted $300 development charges when I first raised a request!


Is TPG working at all even from home?


If you can't book a technician who can book and if you can't connect let me know so that I can search for other option.


Highly unprofessional approach and no communication what so ever.


Would like to get my voice heard- hope someone connects me to right channel.



Level 2

This is a great example on how TPG is getting connected.

No response and TPG Team doesn't have a clue or unable to provide any information.


No response from so called escalation/senior team leader its well over reasonable time limit.


Wonder what TPG is up to?