Moving House

Level 3
I applied to move house weeks ago. In that communication, TPG said that they would send regular emails to keep me updated.
Nothing has happened!!!
No, actually, they have continued to take their payment from my account!!
My daughter is trying to do her senior year from home with no internet. It is amazing when you sign up for these thieves they have you connected within days. However, if you change anything, they seemingly become scarce.
I too have logged in to chat, and thought it was my fault that I was disconnected. However, reading here it was obviously not me at all!!!
The site on here for the install information, says nothing.
I don't know if I need a tech to come out, which should be quick at the moment, as Telstra are saying that people are canceling their appointments with techs because they don't want them in their houses.
I won't cancel.
But I need to get my internet connected, which I'm guessing won't need a tech anyway.
I have already lodged a complaint with the ombudsman.
Next I would like a refund of my payments or a credit to my account.
If this is not resolved within a timely manner, I will be cancelling my account. 18 months sign up or not. Treating people like this is disgusting.
Taking money for a service that you are not providing is theft!!!