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Moving house case 6458119 HELP NEEDED

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Moving house case 6458119

I am so frustrated with TPG. It took me over a week, trying everything I could to make contact, to even get help with moving house. We were on nbn HFC. The new house is on nbn HFC. The nbn cable modem is already installed at the new house. I have plugged in my TPG modem and we’re ready to go. We shouldn’t need a visit from nbn. It should be a simple logical install that takes minutes. We have two people working from home plus high school/uni students all trying to study online. I understand impacts of COVID-19 but TPG is a complete black hole. I can’t start a chat (have tried over 30 times) because it’s too busy. The status page for the moving house gives no information.

But they had no issue charging me.....

Please help!