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NBN Activated but NO INTERNET

Level 2
I previously had NBN Cable with Optus and it kept cutting out every 20 minutes,
I switched to TPG and they happily took my money on 27th March and my internet was activated on 2nd April due to their incompetance and they didnt realise I already had NBN Cable with Optus even though i told them upon registering.

After waiting 2 hours to speak to someone on the 31st March on Online Chat they said I had to wait 24-48 hours for activation.

They disconnected the Optus NBN and then activated the TPG but I have no internet. No internet light is on the modem.

Then after wasting 3 hours trying to get through to someone on the Online Chat AGAIN (using all my phone data to hotspot as that was the only form of communication) I got through to someone and after spending another 2 hours troubleshooting my modem the internet still doesn't work!

I requested a technician come out and they said someone will call me withing 24 hours and it's been more than 24 hours and NO CALL!

I need internet connected ASAP to work from home!!