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NBN Activation Delay - No Communication

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To catch you up -


We are existing TPG ADSL customers, and we pre-ordered an NBN connection when we received a text message from TPG months before our area was connected to the NBN. It has now been a month since our area has come on line. Initially, we received no communication from TPG in regards to any issues concerning our application. We called TPG, who told us that our application was being escalated, and that we'd be called back in 24-48 hours. We were not contacted with an update, so we'd call again, only to be told our application was being escalated (yet again), and that we be called back in 24-48 hours. On and on this goes, with TPG failing to call back with an update, until we press for an explanation. Apparently, the system had a 'glitch', lodging our application in such a way that it required the attention of a programmer in Canberra (who's name we were given, but I'll omit here) who was on holiday, with no contingency plan in place to handle this kind of issue in his absence. We were told we'd be contacted by the end of the week (last Friday). As expected, we were not contacted. We called TPG again on Friday evening and were told we'd hear back by Monday or Tuesday. It's Tuesday, and we have not heard back.


Whilst we have always been happy TPG customers, this has been a genuinely appalling experience. Can someone please take a very close look at our application and let us know when we can expect to be up and running? In the absence of a concrete timeline, we will look to close our account and will regrettably take our business elsewhere.


Note - This is a duplicate post. My previous post was marked as spam. Strange, considering it was my first and only post on this forum.

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Thanks for the reccommendation. I'm not one for tossing out ultimatums, but we're running out of patience. Did you cancel mid-installation? Did this cause any issues? 


Hi @Caity_D,

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Application of NBN pre-order updates usually provided via email. If your area has been declared serviceable by NBN Co. The pre-order application will be submitted to NBN Co. Installation of NBN service can take between 2 to 30 working days depending on the demand of NBN services in your area and the availability of the nbn technician to perform the installation.

We tried to use your Community Details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records on file. To better understand what happend on your NBN Pre-order application status, we'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the complete address).

In case you need a reference:


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Hello Shane,


Thanks for your reply. I have PM'd you with my user name and the full address. We called TPG last night (as stated above, we were told we'd be contacted on Tuesday, but were not), and spoke to someone who is handling our case. We we're told our application had progressed, and was "in the middle", whatever that means. We were told we'd have to wait a further 2-30 business days, regardless of the fact that we have already been waiting a month. Alas. I can only request that TPG continue to monitor the situation and try to expedite the application where possible.


I will continue to check in here, so if there anything I can do to help nudge the process along, let me know.


Hi @Caity_D, thanks for the details. We have made a follow up with our Accounts Team and the case officer will contact you as soon as a new update becomes available.

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Hi, guys. Can I get an ETA, please?


Hi @Caity_D, we can see that our Accounts Team has been in touch via email and discussed the status of the case.


Should you have further queries, you may contact the case officer via return mail. Thank you.

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I have read the e-mail, which goes so far as to suggest the NBN isn't even installed in the area - "rest assured NBN will be given to you once it has been installed in the area." I have confirmed with NBN that our area is NBN ready.


As I have already explained on the phone, I had someone at NBN look at the DP portal. TPG are repeatedly trying to activate a connection when there is a ULL / FNN dispute, without complying with the NBNs subsequent requests for additional clarification.


I have been told by NBN that there are two potential CPIs, or copper path IDs, against out LOC ID. The one you are trying to raise an order for is unavailable for connection, while the other is shown as "ready for a logical application".


I have the CPI numbers and can disclose them if required.


The fact that you have resorted to misinforming me about the availability of NBN in my area because you don't appear to be able to deliver a connection is a perfect reflection of my customer service thus far; exceedingly poor.


I will be calling TPG tonight to discuss the above, and in the absence of a satisfactory explanation, I will cancel the installation.


Those considering TPG, you have been warned.

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Update - Mere hours after we recieved the email detailed above, we recieved a text message notifying us of an installaion date. We have replied "yes", and will now wait. If there any changes to the date, please let me know.


We are glad to know that the NBN order has been successfully submitted and the installation date has been confirmed, @Caity_D.


Further updates regarding the status of the installation will be provided via email as soon as they become available.


Should you need any assistance, please let us know. Thank you.