NBN Connection Box Missing

Level 2

I have moved into a new house on 22nd June 2020. I had called TPG on 21st June to add NBN to my new house. They sent me the preconfigured modem from TPG, and the informed me that the NBN Connection Box is already installed at the new house. After receiving the modem from TPG on 24th June, I couldn’t find the NBN connection box at my new house . Upon checking with the customer care, they told me that the service is active I should have the NBN connection box at the new house.

I can see there is no connection box at my property, must have been taken by the previous tenant. Then TPG is saying they need to schedule an NBN technician to come over and install a new NBN connection box. I have been waiting since 3 weeks now. I have been calling the customer care every 2 days first they assigned it to a case manager (she is has the worse customer service, she doesn’t know how to talk, she is rude and if you ask her something she says, anything else and keeps the phone, horrible from TPG). She said NBN is decline the request to send the technician, so does mean I have to wait lifetime to get my NBN connection from TPG if NBN is declining their request. After calling TPG for a week continuously, I called NBNco directly last week they informed me that TPG has requested a wrong ticket (Service Restorations for faulty device) thats the reason they are declining the request and TPG needs to request a service ticket for missing equipment and when TPG doesn’t reply back to their comments withing 72hrs they close the service ticket.

After all this, I again called TPG customer service and was redirected to the case manager, she argued with me that they have applied for the service restoration ticket as it will get the service done faster. And she wasn’t agreeing to accept her mistake and always says the samething, will give you an update once we receive one. Its been 20days now and I haven’t received any update from TPG.
I m suppose to work from home and I have been able to work due to TPG pathetic service. This is the worse customer service I have ever received from any company.

I want to know if I can purchase this NBN connection box somewhere from a shop and fix it myself?

** I have been chasing TPG customer care service from the past 20days now and every day getting same excuses for the delay. How can my issue been resolved ASAP **



I will look into your issues and get back to you via PM