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I am a new user of your services. Yesterday I requested the internet service for the place where I moved and TPG offered me the NBN service. Reviewing the messages and emails that have sent me, I see that according to the technology I would be using for the internet, the house should have an NBN connection box. But, the apartment where I'm living doesn't have this box. I am still waiting for the router to arrive, but even when it arrives, if the apartment does not have this box, the internet will not work, right? What should I do to get this NBN box installed?


my user of TPG is jxxxxxxx




Hi @juanespinosa


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We're able to locate your account using your given details. Based on NBN co.'s record shows that there is an active NBN box. Please confirm the complete service address on file to ensure we have the same record with NBN co.


You may also contact your Building Manager or Landlord to check or confirm the location of the NBN box.


We'll wait for your response.