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NBN FTTN wish to use my own router Netgear D8500

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Hi @Mr_Pickle,


Welcome to TPG Community!


If you are getting this error message, there is a possibility that the details are incorrect.


Please log in here to verify if you've got the correct account details:


Please also PM us your TPG customer ID, username and address so we can pull up the account and check the status of the service. Thank you.



Level 1c

Checked username and password and can login via the TPG website. Same details are in the netgear router but still doesn't work.


Service works at our addres as I'm currently using the TPG provided modem/router with no issues.


We have provided the details on this thread in order to configure your own router, but if it is still not communicating with our server, you may need to contact the original equipment manufacturer for further assistance, @Mr_Pickle.


Should there be any issues with your TPG service, feel free to message us. Thank you.

Level 1c

Managed to get it working. Had to put at the end of the username.


Great news! Feel free to message us should you need any assistance. Cheers!