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NBN HFC New install

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Hello All


I have a new HFC NBN connection going to 2 properties in Doncaster one being under the username XXXXXX and the other being under my brother in laws TPG account.


We have placed conduit with a draw line from the new pit NBN has installed (From me organising with NBN) in the middle of the 2 homes at the front to the outside of both homes plus conduit and draw lines from outside to our communications cabinet areas. 


We had a TPG tech go out and state there was no tap in the pit and he couldn't finish his job and had to leave. Now there is a scope of works raised with NBN. Can I find out what that is exactly? I have noticed that there is a ton of coax cable in the new pit and believe it's cabling from the 2 pits at the outer edges of both homes being run into the new pit and I think this cabling is what is supposed to go to the NTD.


Do I need to do anything with TPG/NBN to get the NTD installed on the outside of the house and have the coax run to it? Who organises this? NBN or TPG? 


I just want to know what stage the 2 homes should be in before TPG is allowed to come in an finish? Does TPG run from pit to inside home? or from NTD only to inside the home?


We have been waiting a long while and now have been given information stating NBN will be doing work by 25th of this month, can I get anyone from TPG to figure out what is happening with this account/homes that would be great. 




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I got a call from NBN stating that the work outside the house has been performed and that this Friday a NBN tech is coming out to finish off the job.


Today I checked to see the pit again and it's still the same as before but cabling all coiled up. 


Can someone confirm if NBN is coming Friday to install the NTD/TAP or do they do the entire install with everything including modem?



Hi @hoochiemamma


We're sorry to hear about the unusually long wait time to get the NBN service installed. I was able to review your case (your account only since I don't have details for the other one) and based on the information that we have, the delay was due to a missing tap or pit.


The order was then placed on Held status with the initial Remediation date set for June 6 and then moved to June 25.


I can see that NBNCo has contacted you and booked a new installation appointment. Since they already contacted you to schedule the said appointment, it means that they have already addressed the outside infrastructure issue already.


Since your order is tagged as Service Class 21, NBNCo will perform the installation from the pit going to your premises (including the setup of the NBN NTD box).




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Hello Will


Fantastic to hear, yes they did contact and said this Friday. Lets see how we go.




No worries, @hoochiemamma.


Since the technician will only install the NBN NTD, you may visit this link on how to set up the modem.


Feel free to drop by if you need further assistance.

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Hello Will


No issues with the setup, I have rack mounted router and switches for my cabinet all ready to go!


Will the NBN tech run the cable from NTD to the cabinet internally or will a TPG tech need to do that? I believe NBN wouldn't have the modems with them either?




Hi @hoochiemamma,


The network boundary point of NBN is up to the NTD (Arris) box.


The NBN technician will be installing a coaxial wall plate where the NTD will be connected to. Now when the NBN technician comes in, you can advise them of your preferred location of the NTD. That being said, the NBN tech will still assess if that's feasible or not (at the time of the visit). If there is additional infrastructure that needs to be done inside the house in order to install the NTD to your preferred location, then the technician will let you know what you need to do.




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Hey Will


Ohhhhh I thought the NTD in regards to the NBN was the utility box on the outside. 


No problem, I have made it so easy that the first tech that came out said they could have done it in 30 min if there was a TAP in the pit. Proper conduit and draw lines in the entire path from pit to cabinet. 


Lets see how tommorrow goes.


Also who provides the Arris box/modem?