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NBN Hardware Fault that mysteriously only occurs at peak time

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On the NBN 100 plan, Fibre to the premises. The best download speed we have had in the last 3 months in 80Mbps before 6am. Best speed during the day is 60Mbps. Average speed at peak time is 8Mbps and the ping can be anywhere from 220-350. Tonight we hit 2000. This is on wi-fi and cabled directly into the NBN NTD.


Took over a week to get in contact with TPG support. They would not accept phone calls, text chat was always full, TPG app sent support tickets with no answer (and couldn't find my network via a speedtest!).


Have now been working with TPG for over two weeks. Was phoned multiple times to supply test results that I had sent through the day previously. TPG believe everything on their side looks fine. NBN technician sent out to check the hardware. I fail to understand how the hardware is affected so harshly only during peak hours, but okay. NBN technician said they were there to fix "a red light and no connection". I informed them that was not the case. A component has been swapped out because it is the older model. The issue remains.


I have been on hold with support for the fifth time this week, for over an hour and a half, to tell them that the change has made no difference. This is so I don't have to wait multiple days for an engineer to ring me and ask if my internet is now fixed.


I have been told by TPG that they can do no further testing on their side until the checks are done by NBN on site. They checked it. There are no issues. Finish your checks, and if I get through to support tonight to tell them the results of the NBN change, do not phone me to ask how my internet is tomorrow.


While we are at it, trying to determine the IP of the NBN NTD so that I can verify what is happening during a traceroute. From my understanding, with a modem plugged in it is a passive device and will nto show up on a traceroute. Can somebody please confirm? Thanks.


Hi @NBN-100 ,


In our end we can see all test are passing,

Could you pls run speed test from .

You can download mobile apps and can also run speed test and can also lodge a fault.

If you still having issue pls private message me.