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NBN Home Move. Not happy with TPG's service 28 days and no NBN!

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Good afternoon,

This is the second time I'm asking for help via TPG Community.  I placed an order for NBN home move on 30th March. Over the space of these 22 days I have recieved 5 emails saying that the order has been cancelled as requested (N.B. I did not request a cancellation of the order).  Approx 4-5 text messages saying please ignore the emails about cancellation, it was sent in error.  Approx 4 text messages saying that a technician is going to my old property to activate NBN, a call very a lovely apologetic lady at TPG to say that unfortunately the whole process will need to start again and that it was an error but it would be escalated and a technician would be sent to my new address.  Yesterday I recieved in the morning an email saying I'd cancel the NBN request, a txt msg saying ignore the email then finally again in the evening another email saying my NBN order has been cancelled again.  

I am beyond fustrated and if I do not recieve NBN service in a week from today I will cancel my account with NBN and go else where. Please can someone help me!  I am working from home as an accounting using 4G data since for all of April which is painful.  This order has gone round in circles and I am near the end with TPG.

Thank you



Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check status here.