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NBN Installation HCF (Failed - Attempt #1)

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A technician come to install the NBN (HCF) on the scheduled 1st August 2019 connection however did not complete the works due to 'no cabling being completed between the street and utility box' and 'no wall socket'.

I live in an old 1970's double brick 3-storey unit block (top floor) with street frontage, so the NBN coaxial cable could be connected via aerial connection into the ceiling space above my unit and down the internal wall via conduit which i have provided to the location of my choice (TV wall).

I have also noted that my neighbours (in the same block) have had NBN connected. I have also seen an NBN utility box within the ceiling space above common area man hole access. Does this NBN utility box serve more than one unit? or does each unit in the complex have their own individual uitlity box? (Cream NBN Box - rectangular shape - as seen on outside of residential properties)

Can you please advise how NBN wish to connect my unit to the NBN via HCF. The technician which attended the first appointment did not know. Provisions have been provided for the cable route as required. Now it's up to NBN/TPG to sort out my connection. I need a technician that can install a utility box (if required), run cable 3-4m and install a wall socket as i know NBN do this as part of the scheduled works.

Your urgent response is much appreciated,





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@Riezl Responded via PM.


Thanks for sending the details via PM, @tiagoferreira. We have raised your concern to our Provisioning Team and we'll have a case manager contact you between 5PM and 7PM NSW time today to discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM. Thank you.