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NBN Installation not completed since last scheduled visit

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The technician visited our house on 28 March but he didn't complete the installation on that day. He said that he needed to go back to get "keys" for meter room but he never came back.


We haven't received any update since that day. Could anyone sort up this problem?


Hi @tonyzhang1984


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Thanks for reaching out to us. I was able to review your account using your community details as reference.


It seems like you have already spoken to a Provisioning Case Manager yesterday. It was explained that the NBN tech didn't have access to the MDF at the time of the appointment. You were informed to coordinate with the Building Manager to provide access. The Case Manager offered to reschedule the appointment but it looks like you decided not to continue with the NBN order.


From what I can tell, the NBN order has been canceled already. Your ADSL account remains active.


If you have other concerns, let me know.