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NBN Installed already?

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Why do I need a technician to come out in a weeks time to install fibre optic cable and NBN Box when I already have a box installed and plugged in to the power. My neighbour didn't need a technician and was connected in 2 days..........I don't get it and neither does the Asian call centre I rang.........maybe TPG wasn't the right choice!!!


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Hi @chris2008,


From what you say, it sounds like you're on NBN Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) technology. TPG requires FTTP connections to have a battery backup unit, which gives a few hours of backup power for your internet and phone service in the event of a power outage. Even if you have the other NBN equipment, if you don't already have the battery backup installed at your home, you need the NBN technician appointment to install the battery backup.


I believe you can request TPG to process your NBN order without the battery backup, I would recommend contacting them to do this. This could result in a much earlier install for you if a technician isn't needed to go to your home.


Check out the TPG NBN FTTP setup (showing the battery backup) at 



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Hi @chris2008,

As per our phone coversation i have organised a call from our NBN installation team to get this organised sooner for you @chris2008.

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Thanks for that advise, all I needed was to find someone coherent to explain what the issue was and the delay......the call centre had no idea and kept offering to reschedule the technician to an even later date! Looks like I am getting an earlier instal without the battery backup, thanks again.

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Thanks Manuel, much appreciated.