NBN failed installation

Level 2
Please help me! Had NBN installed this morning and recieved an email saying installation successful and internet is ready to use. Modem is plugged in correctly and have waited the half an hour for account details to become synced but still no Internet connection. I have then manual updated modem details using tplinkmodem.net but it is still unsuccessful. Please help me! I need internet to work from home! Modem is AC1600v

Hi @joshuadolan,


I have checked your service and can see your modem in sync, so it is picking up the NBN service. I'm not seeing your modem authenticated.


Have you rebooted it since the NBN tech has left?


Try another reboot and wait 2 minutes. If you still don’t get a service hold down the reset button on the back of your modem for 10 seconds and do a factory reset.




Level 2
Hi Karl. Unfortunately both these fixes have been unable to solve the problem. I managed to get through to an assistant on the phone and went through other troubleshooting processes as well but unfortunately still no luck. I have now been forwarded through to the technicians so hopefully they can assist me further ASAP. Thanks for your reply