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NBN install failed

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The TPG tech came out to do the install appointment and after a bit of looking around including in the pits said there was an issue with the fibre and said NBN would have to come out and fix it. How long does that take normally? Its a FTTC install in mordialloc
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The installer came out on the 8th and havent heard anything since

Hi @tsuro


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for reaching out to us and I'm sorry that you haven't received any update yet pertaining to the installation.


I was hoping to check status of your NBN order, but we're struggling to find an account using your community details. Would be able to provide me your customer ID or username and the service address? Please send it to me via PM.


How to PM? Check this link.



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Sent PM

Hi @tsuro


Thank you for proving your account details via PM.


I was able to review the history of your order. The NBN technician that went to your premises on March 8, 2019 found a problem on the connection of the Distribution Point Unit (DPU) in the pit. Your order was then place in held status while they're working to resolve the issue with the DPU.


The good news is, the DPU issue has been resolved already. We're now waiting for a new technician appointment to complete the installation. You will be notified via email or SMS about the new appointment.




Hi @tsuro


An email was already sent to you providing the installation details.


If you have other queries, do let us know so we can check it further.



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Hi Will,


Yep, apparently this Thursday.


Thanks so much for your help and assistance, especially your quick responses.




You're welcome @tsuro.



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Thanks so much for your help.


The NBN dude came out and connected everything, fantastic.


Both you and the guy that came out are a bunch of top blokes!


He showed me the internal sync speed as per the NBN system and it says we are synced at 109Mbps down and a bit over 45Mbps up, but are on a 12Mbps plan.


Was hesitant to get a faster plan till there was an idea of what connection speeds to expect.


Want to go to a much faster plan but when I try to do this through the internal account system off the TPG homepage it makes it seem like I have to apply for a new connection.


So I log in, click "Change your plan" under the NBN Account Management heading and it takes me to - what appears to be signing up for a whole new plan.


I attached a screenshot of the page I'm getting.


Is there any other way to upgrade the plan? Or is this something I need to wait a few days for it to come through the TPG system before I can change the NBN plan?


Would like to go to the 100Mbps plan if possible, and I know it's going to be another $30 or so.


Although before I do, I have a question after just double checking the page.


The typical evening speed for a 12Mbps plan is 10Mbps, that's a 16.6% (2 Mbps) drop in speed 

The 50Mbps plan drops to 42.7Mbps which is a 14.6% (7.3 Mbps) drop 

But the 100Mbps plan drops to 71.4Mbps which is a 28.6% (28.6 Mbps) drop in speed 


Shouldn't the 12Mbps plans drop the most, the 50Mbps plans drop a little less and the 100Mbps plans drop the least, since a person who is willing to pay for the top speeds should get the least drop since somebody who cheaps out and buys the lowest speeds can't really expect or care that much about speeds?


I assume it depends on the number of people connected to each plan, but the NBN page of TPG says there's 450,000+ Live NBN Customers.


So lets say there's 450,000 for a bit of ease in the numbers and I'm only guessing at the customer base that NBN has.


If the bulk of customers, lets say 70% (315,000) connected on a 12Mbps plan. If they drop 2Mbps each in the evenings, then that's about 630,000Mbps total.

If 20% (90,000) are on the 50Mbps plan and they drop 7.3 Mbps, then that's about 657,000 Mbps

If 10% (45,000) are on the 100Mbps plan and they drop 28.6 Mbps, then that's about 1,287,000 Mbps


(The 630,000 + 657,000 Mbps of the 12Mbps and 50Mbps users equals exactly 1,287,000 which is the drop of the 100Mbps plan users, which is why I assumed that was the spread of customers for TPG).


So lets just presume that's the capacities of TPG.

If the 12Mbps users were to drop 6Mbps instead, after all being tight-asses they can't really expect much since they're on the lowest speed, that would be 1,890,000 Mbps

And then the 50Mbps users were to drop... say... 5Mbps ... that would be 450,000 Mbps

That would mean the 100Mbps plan users would drop... 5.2Mbps. 


It would still fit within the estimated capacity of TPG (if i'm presuming the numbers are correct).


That seems like it would be way more fair, and it would also encourage users to move to the higher plans (which I've seen in the news is more profitable for NBN and RSPs)

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and also, it makes everybody drop 5Mbps or so across the board... So its less likely that anyone can complain.

Although I doubt that it works like that.