NBN installation debacle

Level 2
I am so mad right now. Against my better judgement, I booked in NBN installation 2 days ago. It didn’t “work”. I realize customer service people are now working from home amidst the Covid crisis. All good. Except they don’t use phones! The chat box idea is woefully inadequate. I waited for a long time, maybe 1.5 hours. Eventually I was seen to. And today a tech came out and got that dam green light to go on. Excellent. He was a nice man but beat a hasty retreat without checking anything - maybe another Covid-19 influenced action? Maybe he was overwhelmed with work from unhappy NBN customers? I soon discovered I had no email, no ability to open pages, use Skype or anything at all. So back to the chat box. Waited 1.5 hours before being booted off. Took me 45 mins to get back in and I think I was no. 146 in queue. 3 hours later, no one in sight and no number counter for over an hour. I assume everyone has gone to bed?
I am a very long time customer but boy, if I don’t get some service and a resolution with a decent speed, I will be gone just as soon as I can.
I know this is a very difficult time for everybody and maybe it’s why I am sounding off but TPG, please lift your game. It is basically impossible to contact you.
I have NEVER complained about any service or company in my life until now. Which shows my level of frustration!