NBN installation

Level 2
3 days already
the blue lights still flashing...
and i tried every phone socket in my house and still doesn’t work.
followed the instructions but no help.
need some one come and have a look
no internet at home.....

Hi @liter0519,

Welcome to TPG Community.

Before we can send out a technician, we first need to check if everything on your end is properly set up. We have located your account using your Community details and have seen that you are on an NBN FTTC service.

With this type of service, you will need to ensure that the NBN Network Connection Device (NCD) is properly connected, unfortunately based on our tests it appears that we are not detecting it. Can you please check if this has been set up?

I would recommend that you check out this link for a guide on how to set up the NBN FTTC service.