NBN installation

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HI there,

io am new tPG customer, I have got the mobile message below:from TPG:

I have received a text message from TPG: Your NBN  service is awaiting activation. You are required to connect your NBN modem. For instruction, visit link.tpg.com.au/EDKjOZ

We have set up the modem and NBN machine this morning. WE have got 6 bar showing yellow on the modem. However, the NBN machine only show 1 blue light. What does this mean? Can someone please help?

I have been on the NBN support chat online for more than 1 hour, still waiting to be served on the on line chat. The on line service is very bad. Cannot get through to talk to someone on the phone. I am very frustrated with TPG support.


My account # os 6757974




Level 3


     All lights on the NCD should be blue.... you could try this link and double check you have installed all the equipment correctly. https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/Broadband-Internet/NBN-Fibre-to-the-Curb-FTTC-Setup-Guide/td-p/7856

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