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NBN is completly disappointing

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I am completly dissatisfied with the NBN internet that has been connected at my home.

It has taken over 3 months for the service to be completed (and still isnt satisfactory) & more than 8 visits by technicians (each requiring that i be at the property which meant time off work). Each time there was no understanding of what was required at my home to complete the job and despite clear communication from me. The installation is substandard, the connection is terrible and i regret having bothered to transfer my broadband connection to NBN. The internet speed is pathetic and unreliable. The installation is appalling and an eyesore on my building and the connection box and router setup is a complete joke and unacceptable - 2 devices requiring 2 separate power sources and an unbelievable amounts of cabling. Also i note that there us a concerning amount of heat coming off both devices. Someone needs to address the installation and connection issues at my home and provide a solution to the unacceptable product that exists here now. I am a long time customer of TPG but i am far from satisfied with the service and product that i have received and i need it rectified.

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Wow! As i have been just informed of a further [8 times now] revision [read, delay] of the NBN to my street via TPG [and TPG refusing to find out why it has been delayed], as well as having read this customer experience, there is no way I am sticking with TPG [I, too, have been with them for ages].


Mobile for me. NBN = No Bloody Net!


Hi @SuziQ


My apologies for the poor experience in getting the NBN service installed.


I reviewed the history of your installation and here are my findings:

  • Your initial installation appointment was scheduled on December 28, 2019 but you requested to have it rescheduled to January 7, 2019
  • The installation appointment on January 7 wasn't completed. The information provided by NBNCo is that you didn't have a permission from Body Corporate. Upon further clarification, you advised us that the cable is short and won't reach your unit. Your installation has been rescheduled for Jan 30.
  • The NBNCo technician failed to complete the installation on January 30 citing the need for a Lateral Cable to run down the building to complete the job. Your order was placed in-held with an initial Planned Remediation Date (PRD) of February 7 but later moved to February 15 by NBNCo.
  • The Held status was cleared by NBNCo on February 11 and you agreed to have the next installation appointment on March 1.
  • NBNCo failed to complete the installation on March 1 providing the same reason that was given for the January 30 appointment. The order was again set to Held status with PRD of March 13. Later on, NBNCo moved the PRD to March 27 citing that they don't have sufficient NBN workforce.
  • The Held status was cleared on March 22 and you were given a new installation appointment date of March 27.
  • Your service was installed on March 27th.

Your address has been tagged for NBN-HFC service wherein the setup will really require 2 devices (NBN box and the modem) for your internet service to work. NBNCo is the one who decides what type of service an area will have.




Hi @physhure


Welcome to the Community!


I was able to check your location's NBN serviceability using your community details as a reference. From what I can tell, your address is expected to be serviceable by May 10, 2019.


Based on a previous ticket, you were previously informed of theNBN serviceability date of October 1, 2018. There's no specific reason given by NBNCo as to why they moved the date, but possible reason could be infrastructure readiness.





Level 1c
How is your report on the history of the installation meant to rectify my dissatisfaction? I know what occured, i was there every step if the way.
The reasons for each failed installation appointment is by no means an adequate 'excuse' and i find the note regarding 'body corporate' permission laughable considering the eyesore work that was completed on the outside of our building without any consent in the first instance. I am unable to upload an image here but am happy to provide - please advise how.
It was explained to me at the outset that the NBN service that i selected would be better than the broadband service i was receiving at the time, this is not the case, it is an inferior connection. Whilst you will no doubt excuse yourself that it is the "plan" i have selected, at no time in the sales process was i told that the new nbn plan was not going to provide me with HD reception. I specifically wanted a like for like plan that would provide me with the same quality connection.
I would very much appreciate speaking directly with someone that can do something about the eyesore on the exterior of my home and the less than adequate internet connection.

Hi @SuziQ


We're sorry to hear that you remain disappointed. We would love to take the opportunity to turn the experience around.


I'd appreciate if you can upload a screenshot of the work done by NBNCo so we can assess how this can be raised.


To add a photo on your next reply, you can follow this step:


1. Click on Photos

2. Click on Choose Files

3. It will then direct you to another window which will give you the option to locate the screenshots you've saved.



Would you be able to clarify what you meant by HD reception? Are you having difficulty getting internet connection?



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The last appointment with an NBN tech was to rectify the connection issue. An assessment of the existing works established that the cable needed to be replaced however, I specificaly requested that i be contacted BEFORE that was done as the cable needed to be run underneath the decking and NOT put back in the existing galv moulding under the eaves - there is absolutly no need for it to be there as this is only a one storey building and actually the moulding would be simpler to install on the underside of the balcony/decking and would be hidden. The technician did not follow my instructions and installed new cabling in the existing moulding despite acknowledging what an eyesore it is. Just for the record, the original installation of the moulding was completed without body corporate approval and completly disfigures our building.

Further, the day the technician came back to rectify the connection issue (having already replaced the cabling) a plan was put in place to reinstall the cabling in a more satisfactory position and an agreement reached to do so. I have heard nothing since.

See image.


Hi @SuziQ


Thank you for providing additional details as to what transpired during the installation date and for the screenshot as well. Based on your post, it seems like you were not on the premises at the time of the installation, correct?


The NBN technician will require permission from the person who's on the premises regarding the work that has to be done. If the owner/the person at the premises agreed to it, then the technician will proceed. In the event that there's a disagreement, then the NBN technician will provide a recommendation on what needs to be done first before they can proceed with the installation.


Since this is an NBNCo infrastructure, you will need to contact them directly to request for the adjustment. You may reach them via 1800881816 or thru email:


I would suggest that you contact them via email so you can provide the screenshot and for a Case Manager to be assigned to you. The usual response is 24-48 business hours.



Level 1c
How is your response in any way demonstrating an 'opportunity to turn the experience around' as offered in your previous message? You have in no way rectified the supply of internet at my home.
I'm currently only able to achieve download speeds of between 1.9 & 8.3mbps whereas my neighbour is getting in excess of 40mbps. I was told my internet 'experience' would be superior than the broadband connection i had and this is not the case.
I will contact nbn directly regarding the cable installation as you suggest but what are you going to do about the substandard internet connection that i have?

Hi @SuziQ,


Your service plan is on NBN12 which means that the maximum speed that you can get is up to 12Mbps only.


I performed a test on the modem and it's currently getting 11.14Mbps. Our tests show that there's no network issue as well. The possible reason for the drastic fluctuation of your speed test results could be WIFI-related (range, interference, congestion, etc) if all your devices are connected via WIFI only. You may visit this link to help you in improving your wireless connection speed.


If you have a computer/laptop that's hardwired to the modem and still getting very low speed results, provide us screenshots so we can have it raised for further investigation.