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NBN not activated

Level 3
My Adsl2 was disconnected yesterday and NBN is not activated. I was on the phone yesterday to TPG and was told I would get a call back this morning. I did not receive that call. I now have no internet, what is going on?
Level 1c

I had the same problem when I first switched over. It turns out the modem they sent, that was supposed to be pre-configured with your account login details, was not pre-configured.

Try and login using the usual generic for new modem, then enter your username and password to set up your Internet connection.


Good luck.

Level 3
Tpg told me they would call yesterday morning, no call. I called this afternoon, was told they would call back in 20 mins with an update from NBN. They did call, but they hung up after one ring. I got a text message to call back. I did and they did a check, no NBN updates. I told them my Adsl2 had been cut off 2 days ago, when I rang two days ago I was told that ADSL had been switched off in my area. Today they told me that I still had an Adsl2 connection but there was a line problem on my end. They said they would get an engineer to call me tomorrow. No NBN, no Adsl2, mixed responses from TPG. The technician who came out last week told me the previous technician hadn't connected the correct wires. When I asked if he would tell his bosses that, he said he wouldn't as he didn't want to get his friend in trouble. Now it seems this technician has fiddled with the wires and disconnected my Adsl2. Does anyone check their performance? It's obvious their technicians don't know what they're doing and are covering for each other. What a disgrace.
Level 3
And as a final insult, I asked the woman I spoke with to provide me a reference number for my call so I didn't have to keep repeating the same thing over again each time I call. She said she would text it to me. You guessed it, no reference number was texted to me. What a three ring circus TPG is. A joke.
Level 1c
I can sense your frustration! The technician that came to hookup the NBN is not a TPG technician. They are NBN's contractors, and they are responsible for installing the NBN modem, and test that the connection is working before they leave. If all the lights on the NBN modem are green, then you have internet. I then hooked up the Huawei router to the modem from TPG myself. This was where I had to enter the TPG account details to get it to work. Waiting for them is too frustrating - I looked up all the chat boards etc to try and resolve myself.

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I would love to help and see what happened on this. To better understand the situation kindly, PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number Associated with the account) I will have this checked.