Level 2
I’m writing about the installation process of NBN to my home @ Seaford, Vic 3198.

I found the whole process frustrating and distressing.
As clever & intelligent person & was made to feel that it was a lack of my understanding on my part that made me unable to connect the hardware to the NBN, when in fact connecting to the NBN was impossible as my NBN connection had been switched off by Telstra.

I spent, I feel, an inordinate amount of wasted time discussing the installation with a number of phone operators at TPG, who were most of the time, courteous & polite. However, at times I was made to feel that the inability to connect to the NBN was due to my lack of technical skills. I’m sure that running off shore call centres means that the operators have very little understanding of what is happening at a local level.

Additionally, I booked a number of appointments for TPG Technicial support to come to my home & for whatever reasons they didn’t come as arranged, despite my sending back confirmation of the agreed appointments.
Eventually, I was able to confirm an appointment & the technician was able to give me a 30 minute courtesy call before arrival.
This alone was very helpful & I wasn’t aware that I could request this.

On arrival the TPG technician was immediately able to identify that the NBN would not connect to the network. He was able to contact TPG Customer Service & organise a prompt appointment for an NBN technician to come to my home.
Thankfully, the NBN technician was able to identify it to be an NBN network issue at the node & in fact found very quickly that Telstra had switched off my ability to connect to the network.

I am disgusting with Telstra’s lack of customer service & I would like to know that as a TPG customer you will follow this up with them, as I feel I have no recourse since I switched from Telstra to TPG at the end of last year.

They did exactly the same thing when I left & had tried to connect to ADSL with TPG. I was unable to get my internet up & running for a number of weeks because Telstra had switched off my ability to connect to the internet.

I’m very upset to learn that Telstra has the ability to override the system in this way & again thwarted my NBN connection in this way.
It transpires that it had nothing to do with me but that the problem lies with Telstra’s ability to switch connections on & off at their discretion.

I hope that as a company, TPG is able to put forward customer’s complaints to Telstra & can put a stop to this unhelpful behaviour.

I would be grateful if you can follow up my complaint & let me know the outcome within the next two weeks,
Thank you