Nbn down

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Is NBN down in Oakford WA

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My apologies for the service disruption. NBNCo is performing capacity upgrades in the area which started on 08/10/2019 7AM AEST and will end by 12/10/2019 09PM AEST. For the said duration, there will only be specific times when the connection will be disrupted. Because the work requires replacing or installing equipment on the NBN Fixed Wireless tower, much of the work will need to be done during daylight hours. The tower will also be powered off at times, which will result in service interruptions.


Here's the list of expected outage time frames while the maintenance work is being carrried out:


Outage period 1:
Start: 08/10/19 7:00AM AEST
End: 08/10/19 8:00PM AEST


Outage period 2:
Start: 09/10/19 7:00AM AEST
End: 09/10/19 8:00PM AEST


Outage period 3:
Start: 10/10/19 7:00AM AEST
End: 10/10/19 8:00PM AEST


Outage period 4:
Start: 11/10/19 7:00AM AEST
End: 11/10/19 9:00PM AEST


Outage period 5:
Start: 12/10/19 7:00AM AEST
End: 12/10/19 9:00PM AEST


I can see that your modem has regained connection at 3:46PM AEST today. However, as noted above, please expect service disruptions for the next 2 days still.


Our Technical Team has already raised a monitoring ticket earlier. Once we have a confirmation from NBN that the maintenance works are completely done, you'll be notified via SMS.