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Netgear Nighthawk X8 & NBN questions (FTTN Installation tomorrow)

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Hi there


I got the TPG Archer NBN Modem delivered to me recently, however I have a Netgear Nighthawk X8, which I believe to be a better wireless device for my home & is also able to connect to the NBN?


I saw this other question on here ( which may relate to me as well, but I'm not too sure, so can someone tell me what I need to do when I am connected?


Also, am I being charged extra for the NBN Router sent to me by TPG (which I never requested?).




Hi @Magnu,


Welcome to the community!


I check your Netgear Nighthaw X8 however this is a stand alone router for more details you can visit this link.


This router is not compatible with NBN-FTTN as it will need a VDSL modem/router.


But you can visit this link, this will help you on how to connect your router to our supplied NBN modem.


Please be advised that our supplied NBN modem/router is free. Let me know how it will go.



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Hi there

Obviously you didn't read my post & you haven't checked the info properly. The Netgear IS a VDSL Modem/Router, & I have been using it for months to browse the net!!! It is also compatable with NBN-FTTN!


This modem is more current than the one described in the link I supplied.


However, it has one drawback, in that it doesn't have a phone connection, thus I have to stick with the supplied TPG Modem, & I have to say that so far the connection is slower than it was with ADSL2+.



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Just thought I should add that just like the Netgear link seems to show, the Modem/Router sent by TPG is also misleading, as it also only says it's a Router, whereas it's a Modem as well.


Apologies, @Magnu.


If you have previously used this modem for NBN FTTN service, then it should work and all you need to do is configure the following settings:


Username: <Your TPG username>
Password: <Your TPG Account Password>
Protocol / Encapsulation / Connection Type: PPPoE(sometimes, you'll have PPPoE LLC)


We'd like to set your expectation that the VOIP service will not work should you proceed in using your modem as it is only provisioned on the TPG supplied equipment.


Furthermore, if you are having issues with the speed, please PM us your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call so we can have a specialist contact you.