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New Account Error and Service Cannot be Activated

Level 2

I am a new customer as of yesterday and signed contract for the Standard 50 NBN service. TPG sent me a modem, I installed it into my NBN box, and called to activate my service because it wasn’t working.

They kept me in the phone for 3 hours, transferring between different departments and people, because there is an ‘error’ on my account which means it cannot be activated. This has to do with something like an error code affecting many customer accounts, which means the service cannot be activated.

I asked the representative if they could make a new one, but I was told the same error would occur. If TPG knew of this error, why would they let me sign up?

I was assured that as soon as I received the modem I would be able to use my service. Could someone please, at TPG, help me better understand the ‘code issue’ on my account, as it does not make sense. Nor is it acceptable to assure a service when you know there are flaws and delays.

I’m working from home and need access to the internet, I was assured I would have this and I’m stuck and saddened that the only answer was that it was an issue that needs to be fixed by other representatives who need 24 hours. I was passed between three representatives, and I just need clarity and I want to be assured of a quicker timeframe.

I need access to my account for work as soon as possible and don’t understand how there has already been such a drastic issue affecting my connection to service?


Hi Pierce,


Help is here!


Can you shoot us a private message with your TPG username or customer ID so we can locate your account and help fast track the resolution to your issue.




Level 2

I have sent you a private message to support. As mentioned, I still don’t have service. I called TPG an hour ago and they said my service was active but this was a lie as it is still not working.