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No communication on installation issues

Level 2

Just letting you know technician visit on 20th March could NOT fix the problem, after it took you 2 weeks to work out that it wasn't a case of me not being able to plug in the box. 


When NBN tech was here I was advised that was NBN box in street was faulty and needs to be replaced, but he didn't have one, and as yet I have not yet been advised of anything by TPG / NBN as to status of replacement.  And when I go to the NBN site to check it says NBN is not connected at this site and to contact my provider (TPG) so please advise where it is at and when it will be fixed. 


Till it is I understand that NBN will not work and I should hence not be charged extra for NBN this month (March) as have not received it and it should have been online on the 5th of March and is now the 30th.


Please contact me to confirm that this credit is in place and advise when something will be in place so I can finally connect to NBN.