No internet connection

Level 2

I recently signed up to NBN on TPG. My modem/router was shipped but did not arrive due to StarTrak missed delivery, but I did not receive notification in my letterbox regarding the attempted delivery. After 7 days my modem was shipped back to TPG from my local post office due to failed delivery attempt. When I contacted StarTrak in regards to this, they assured me TPG would re-send my modem at no cost if I informed a team leader at TPG. At this time I contacted TPG who suggested I pay for re-delivery initially. After discussing the matter they informed me that it would be escalated to a team leader, who I have not had a response from. With the escalation of the COVID-19 virus I have not been able to get in contact with any support from TPG. In the meantime, an NBN box was installed at our home to connect to the internet by a TPG technician. I decided I would purchase my own modem/router to bypass the stalled process of waiting for my modem redelivery which was a short term success. We had internet access for about 2 days before severe storms hit Sydney and our interent has not been functioning since. I have tried every troubleshooting step imagineable with no resolution, and have been unable to speak with TPG via phone or online chat despite many many many attempts. I would like to have a service technician come out to inspect our property please, along with my modem being reshipped as it should have been a long time ago. Any communication would be greatly appreciated.