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No service or communication! Extremely disappointing.

Level 2
I have purchased and payed $200 for my tpg connection. This was on the 3rd of March. Since then we have been in contact to send a proof of occupancy document, organise an nbn installation and thought everything was running smoothly. However, after all of this our service has not been connected! We have almost been waiting a full month just so we can use wifi. This is unacceptable! During the current circumstances I understand it is tough but we need our wifi to work and study from home and this is having a major impact on both of those aspects as we have to use our 3g on top of paying for wifi that isn’t connected? Please can I have some help or a full refund. I am completely dissatisfied with the service I have been given.
Level 2

I have been waiting since 25th Feb. I have my modem but no further communication. I was on chat and got "forwarded" to an account specialist. That was 30 mins ago and i am still waiting.


I am definitely going to be cancelling and going to another provider. I saw some posts where Belong had it working after 3 days.