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Old Phone Connection points and the NBN

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Hi Does anyone know if the old style phone connections work with the NBN. In my last residence I had a plate on the wall with multiple plug in points. One was labelled DSL and was the only point that could pick up the NBN... I tried the other points on the same plate and they didn't work.


So do I need a technician? will this (see Pic) work (with an adaptor plug of course)?



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Hi @Darcey, it depends which type of NBN technology is at your address.


Pop your address in at the NBN checker at and see what NBN type you have.


  • If your NBN type is Fibre To The Node or Fibre To The Building, then the answer to your question is yes. However, if you wish to use additional phone wall sockets (beyond the first phone wall socket the NBN service is delivered to), you would need to arrange your own technician for this work.


  • For other NBN technology types, your phone handset will instead be connected to either your modem (for NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial & NBN Wireless) or to your NBN connection box (for Fibre To The Premises).


Do you already have NBN with TPG?

Just an addition to the awesome information above: I know of people who have contacted their own technicians to convert their phone connection socket and get it re-wired to plug into the NBN Uni-V port /VoIP port but that's for FTTP only and you will need to ask around ACMA accredited techs to complete works.

Please note: TPG does not support this process and is not liable for my advice, this advice is conditional of feedback from your ACMA technician when you seek out and ask if they can complete required works.
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Thanks Luna, I just realised I asked two opposing questions and your answer of "Yes" leaves me wondering Yes I need a Technician... or Yes the adaptor will work fine... I have Fibre to the node.


My installation is at "Your Installation is Progressing" on this is the 3rd day it's been on that. Not sure what is taking so long. A friend had theirs set up in under 3 working  days... same suburb....


I don't intend having any phones, so it will just be the NBN Internet on this old phone connector... if it works.

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Hi @Darcey "yes" to your question about the old style phone wall sockets working with the NBN if it's Fibre To The Node Smiley Happy


Check out the diagram at for an idea of what your setup will be with FTTN.


You should normally have an ETA for your installation within a few days of signing up and paying the initial fees.


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Thanks Luna, yes that's how I have it the modem setup. Good news about the old sockets working. Now just waiting for Installation to be completed.



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I just talked with my installation manager. It seems the previous tenant did not disconnect their NBN and so they cannot connect me. The guy on the phone asked if lived at the house because it shows somone else is.. OF COURSE I DO I told him..... So frustrating I really don't have the patience to get caught up in this BS!!! I wonder if I can get my money back......


HI Darcey,


There should be an option available to churn/connect outstanding the service. I would re-ask the question if you can complete connect outstanding process or churn with your provider?


Good Luck.



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Just in case anyone else has this question. Yes the old connectors do work. I had a call from support just after TPG connected me, very good support highly recommended.