Optus Cable HFC to TPG

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I currently have Optus Cable (naked) connected to my premises with the phone connected via a voice service provider over the internet.
There is no active copper pair phone cable, and the existing phone cable has been rewired to connect the current modem/router to existing outlets.
I have been advised that I am to be connected to the NBN via FTTC and require a phone outlet for the modem to be connected to.
Does the existing copper pair need to be rewired so it can be re-activated, or will the existing coaxial be used via HFC. I am an Electrician and can have any preparitry work completed prior to the technicians arrival, if I know what is required.

Hello tgwestlake,

Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community and for your question today.

Your current wiring for VOIP services from your OPTUS Cable connection can be used on your new NBN connection.

Your Optus Cable service will become obsolete and will not be used.

You will require a copper POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) connected from the street to inside you home, ideally where your Optus service is now so you can simply transition to NBN.

If you hold a ACMA licence you should be able to do this unless it requires an aerial leadin which would require the Aerial Endorsment on the ACMA lience.

I hope that helps.