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Panasonic dvd recorder won't connect wireless

Level 2

Just had nbn installation this morning. All devices connected fine both wired and wirelessly, except for a panasonic dvd recorder. I am trying to connect this wirelessly to the modem, but the dvd recorder keeps saying it wants a wired connection. It is a DMR-XW380/DMV-XW480 model and the instruction book doesn't have any suggestions on how to change it to work wirelessly. I have also tried putting in the IP address and other details, and its still not working.

Apart from contacting Panasonic, do you have any suggestions?

Level 8

Hi @Quakey Welcome to the community, the Panasonic model you have does not support a WiFi connection, you need to connect via an ethernet cable only. How difficult is it to get a cable to it from the modem/router?

Your other option is to buy a ethernet over power adapter kit and place a unit near the modem and the other near the DVD recorder.

For similar outlay you could buy a media player or chromecast to do the streaming work.