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Preorder cancellation nbn i have emailed sevefsl times and not said yes to registration i have not r

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Hi I have unsuccessfully trying to contact tpg in regard to cancellation of preorder nbn.  I have emailed several times over a considerable time and received no reply.  Yesterday 7/4/2020 I phoned tpg and was twice cut off before I had a resolution.    I am an aged pensioner and do not fully understand what preorder entails.  Initially I enquired with tpg for internet connection of adsl2 and was told that my address could not be connected to it.  I was then advised to preorder nbn which I did as I was informed nbn connection was due 28/2/2020. Later i was informed nbn would not be connected til 30/6/2020.  As I am an aged pensioner with medical issues I need internet for connection of a medical device and this was too long to wait.  Therefore I enquired with iiNet who informed me they could connect naked dsl a d arranged an appointment with them for connection to their service.  I have received their modem .  Shortly after I was informed by iiNet that appointment for nbn to be installed on ,9/4/2020.  I again yesterday and this morning 8/4/20 tried to contact tpg by phone and email to confirm they have cancelled my preorder nbn unsuccessfully.  As I am not well this is causing me undue stress and i would greatly appreciate tpg confirmation re cancellation preorder nbn.  Kind regards June sharp 83 Railway pde hazelbrook nsw 2779.