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RANT: Some day our NBN will come...but I'm not holding my breath.

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This is beyond ridiculous.

Our modem and NCD arrived 35 days ago (18/3). After patiently waiting almost 2 weeks (our first mistake) with flashing lights and no connection before making contact with TPG, we were then told a technician would have to call out to connect us...which would be another two weeks. Tech visit was scheduled for 16/4 (last Thursday).


We're currently still using our old Off-Net connection, with a 200GB peak quota. With three of us currently working from (and confined to) home, that quota was never going to be sufficient for a month, but secure in the knowledge that we'd be connected to our unlimited NBN plan on the 16th, we managed to make it stretch until the 20th (Monday just past). Our second mistake...


Technician came out on morning of 16th as scheduled, and after some investigation, told us that something needed to be changed or repaired in the pit before we could be connected (uh-oh...), but that it should be done that day or the next.


Here we are now, almost a week later, and I've just had a particularly disappointing phone conversation with our 'case manager', who claims that NBNCo's report states that we were not at home when the technician called - a clear fabrication on someone's part - and has now told us we will have to wait two business days for TPG to receive an update from NBNCo, before they can tell us what's happening. As those "two business days" will take us up to the weekend, I expect it will be next week before we even receive any kind of indication as to how long it might be before we have an active connection.


In the meantime, we've been throttled back to 256K, which is functionally USELESS, until May 2nd...and my wife, a teacher, needs a functioning connection for online lessons and conferences - as will our 9 yr old once school 'goes back' next week.


I would have thought that it might have been a positive public relations exercise for TPG to pro-actively offer people in this situation, of which I'm sure there are many, an extra data allowance as some compensation.

Sadly, despite repeatedly emphasising to our 'case manager' the necessity of a functioning connection under the current circumstances, and expressing my extreme disappointment with this situation, no such offer (or offer of any kind of amelioration, other than 'sorry for the inconvenience') was forthcoming.


So how about it, TPG? Are you going to do the right thing by your (until now, at least) loyal customers? Vodafone have given customers an extra month's worth of data for free...and haven't TPG recently taken them over/merged with them?

I'm seeing an awful lot of VERY annoyed (to put it mildly) customers on here...isn't it worth going the extra mile to keep them happy and loyal? Or will TPG wind up going the way of Virgin and countless other businesses as a result of this crisis?
The ball's in your court...

(p.s: I've also just now been informed, via our local community Facebook group, that many other households in our street are experiencing exactly the same issue, not just with TPG but other IPs as well - and some have been told that it's a blanket issue in this area and that our area was NOT, in fact, NBN-ready when we were told we were, and that this is unlikely to be remedied until AFTER the COVID crisis is 'over'. Third-hand information, I know, not entirely reliable - but if this IS in fact the case, then we've been enticed into a contract under false pretences...and there are penalties for that.)

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Oh, and I forgot to mention...the online "check your installation progress" function has been consistently telling us "Sorry, we can’t display your installation status. It may take up to two hours for your new order to appear in our system"......Two hours? It's only been FIVE WEEKS!

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It's now nine days since I spoke to our "case manager", and we've been without functional internet since then, until just now when our payment cycle renewed...and I HAVE HAD NO CONTACT FROM TPG DESPITE BEING ASSURED THEY WOULD RAISE THE ISSUE WITH NBN AND HAVE AN ANSWER BY LAST FRIDAY - A WEEK AGO!



Somebody from TPG had better contact me by Monday, if not before, or this is going to the Ombudsman. I'm absolutely fed up and disgusted with your lack of follow-through on promises of customer service.

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No TPG rep replied to this.  No shock there. Good luck but I wouldn't hold your breath.


Hi @badbum61 


  Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so I can look at your service.
kind regards

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Looks like TPG has a bot that scans messages for the word "ombudsman" before they act on them!


HI @badbum61 


Checked your details with NBN, they are on the process of completing your installation,( waiting for Civil work to be completed).

I emailed to the engineering team and asked NBN to put you on the fast track. You will receive a call from the engineering team by Monday. please send me a PM if you don't receive any update