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Request Moving Home Online - error code: < E:adsl_comm:thread_exists >

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My case is I requested a new NBN service 2 months ago, but due to the "equipment shortage impacting NBN Co’s supply", your installation team could not make it on time. Then, when they were ready, it was too late because I was about to move home (an NBN guy called me and I cancelled the installation via phone with him).

I did receive the tp-link modem.

Now I'm in the new home and ready to get the service back. But when I used the moving home online on your website, that error occurred.

My TPG account is xxxx - ID: xxxx

The old address is xxxx

The new address is 2xxxx

So, can you please help me out with this case?

My phone number is xxxx

Thank you 



Hi @tvdinhit,


Thanks for raising this to us, we'd love to help arrange one of our Moving Home Specialists to contact you tomorrow and discuss details of service relocation, please confirm your best contact number and preferred time.


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