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Request for NBN Remediation Date ASAP

Level 2

Hello TPG Team,


Hoping you can help me on this. My NBN order is currently on hold due to 'core network shortfall'. Since the ADSL was disconnected on 13 May 2020, I've had no internet or home phone connection to my property. I've contacted TPG on several occassions via phone and they are yet to provide a remediation date for this issue. I am now writing to request for this issue to escalated and for remediation to be expedited with NBN. I've experienced more than two weeks with no connection and I am deeply concerned that it will take longer than a month if this is not expedited.

In the meantime I am still invoiced by TPG for my internet connection even though I've had no service for more than two weeks. This is unsatisfactory and it is reasonable to request for a refund.

Appreciate if TPG can resolve this ASAP with NBN Co.

Please contact me directly for my account details.






I have forwarded your concerns to our NBN installations team and they will be calling you to update.



Level 2

Hi John, 


Thanks for forwarding this to the NBN installations team. I received a call from a TPG representative this afternoon. Unfortunately their records show that my ADSL connection is still active, even when I've explained to them that the ADSL was disconnected when the NBN technician visited my property on 13 May 2020. This is supported by: 

  • No signal detected by TPG when a remote line test was conducted for the ADSL connection (around a week or so ago)
  • No internet usage on my existing account which shows 0MB since 13-14 May 2020.

It would be reasonable to assume that if ADSL was viable I would happily continue using it until the NBN issue is resolved.  Unfortunately TPG continues to insist that my ADSL is working, and I hope this is a honest mistake as I'd like to restate that I am currently paying for a service I am not receiving. This is also not an isolated case and I'm aware of several customers who have experienced a similar issue:


I'd like to explore two options with TPG:

1. Expedite the remediation with NBN and provide a remediation date ASAP

2. Arrange for a technician to visit the property to confirm whether the ADSL is still viable.


For your information I have also put in a complaint with the TIO.

Please pass on the above to the appropriate team.