Slow internet (NBN 100)

Level 3
Hi I have been a TPG User for years and recently I occasionally found out my plan has been deducted from NBN 100/50 to even 20/5. I just wonder if you have received some signed contract from others rather than me or this is from the virus.
BTW, I have tried all steps per your advice to recover the speed and thanks god, it comes back to 50/25 now only after 2 am. But is it possible to have the speed come back to 100/50 on the contract please?

And thanks for you prompt help.
Level 3
Hi now 0:33 24/3/2020 no NBN service now and no internet. Can you tell me how you fixed this issue. The lights on the NBN modem can not be lit on.
Can I rely on your service?
Thanks for your help.
Level 2
Hi there,
I have been experiencing the same problem here. There’s green light on internet but no light on 5G, which means I cannot even see my network name coming on my devices. It is quite upsetting since I have been home without internet since Friday (20th March 2020). When I call or email there’s no answer at all. I don’t know what should I do next?