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TP-link Archer VR1600v - The "MUST-HAVE" option which is the "Backup/Restore" of all setting?

Level 2

I've just received the TP-link Archer VR1600v from TPG. Everything's working fine..!! and

I have entered a lot of Forwarding Ports and Server IP Addresses, .. and IP Address Reservations ..
and Everything's still working fine..!! That's great!!

then I did try to find the "Backup/Restore" option to do a backup..
But Finally, UNFORTUNATELY I have found that TPG has LOCKED/NOT DISPLAYED the"MUST-HAVE" option which must be included in any Modem/Router..!!

I'm very very really disappointed with TPG..! Why do they disable the "MUST-HAVE" option which is the "Backup/Restore" of all setting???

Please help me out then..! by show me how I could save All the setting of this Modem/Router..

Thanks a lot! and Have a nice day!!

Level 2

I used to recommend TPG every chance I had.  No more.  Have been waiting for a reply about my locked modem for weeks.  With no attended phone in help desk, TPG is not only losing the plot but customers.