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TPG NBN FTTH and Cisco 890 W Router

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Hi, i have bought a cisco 890W Router wireless and 4x Fe Ports. I have TPG FTTH NBN, currently connected to default modem which was preconfigured and sent to me.


What critical config i need to setup in cisco router so from the wall NBN Distribuition Point. So I can connect this cisco router directly using the RJ45 connection. My NBN has a dynamic IP, i have not purchased a static IP.

Any config example will also be helpful. thank you.





Hi @moazzam


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Your service is running on NBN FTTP technology, so technically, you should be able to connect any router directly to the NTD box. You simply need to set up the PPPoE configuration and you need to supply the following:


PPPoE username = TPG username

PPPoE password = TPG account password