TPG NBN installation

Level 2

I have signed up for NBN (mistake right there). After receiving the devices and text message reminder to ask you to follow the instruction to connect all the devices. Also from the quick installation guide, it states by plugging the nbn connection device will disconnect my existing services. I contacted TPG service (nightmare starts), I started with my issue clearly about NBN connection setup at home not working. I got transferred from Sales to Cust to Tech to a Case manager. After all, they make you look dumb by saying they need an onsite tech to assist me with setup. The bloody box has only 3 points (power, phone, and data port) and the next tech available date is 17th (one week later). And they have suggested that as OPTION (only option) to use my own mobile data as a hot spot to connect home internet. So I am paying TPG for the internet and I have to use my own Mobile data to cover their dumbass mistake. After I lost on the phone, they suggested that they will try to do phone support but they couldn’t even give me a callback time. I have sit my ass at home with no internet waiting for the call, if they decide to call. If I have to wait for one week to get sort it, I am canceling my service today. Only I will cancel my current service with TPG, I will all other three services with TPG. Had enough with dump ass service team.