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We have been offered two plans for our NBN connection. One has calls included the other has calls "Pay as you go". Can anyone tell me what the charges are per call for pay as you go calls on TPG NBN plans?


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You may visit our website to view detailed information regarding this query: > Call Rates > TPG Voice Service Call Rates



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Hi @Edward_Reynolds,


Calls made on a 'pay as you go' basis on your NBN plan will be charged at Listed TPG Call Rates.


If you choose to get an NBN plan with no included calls, then these call charges will be deducted from your Prepayment. A minimum $20 prepayment is required at registration.


You can choose to maintain a prepayment amount above the minimum later on, should you wish.


As your Prepayment gets used by your 'pay as you go' call charges, it will be automatically topped when it falls to below $10.

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