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TPG failed to port my number

Level 2

After 30 days with TPG i received a home phone bill from Telstra, I found it quite strange as I am with a NBN bundle and tpg said they will take over my exisiting home phone line. After several phone calls to both tpg and telstra, apparently tpg did not port my exisiting phone number. After confronting tpg they basically said they didnt port my exisiting number because I didnt ask the question. Firstly I specifically mentioned during my signup that I wanted to keep my phone number, and secondly how can I ask a question that I dont know I am suppose to ask. Why would I want to pay for both telstra and tpg at the same time? I found this response from tpg appalulling. It has now been nearly been 2 months and they still wont port my exisiting number. I cant cancel my line with telstra as I need and active line to port. So in the meantime I am paying both providers. What am I suppose to do?


Hi @kellyds


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and providing your feedback about your experience. It's disappointing to hear that we've let you down. 


I can see that one of our Account Supervisors has been in touch with you today and has arranged for a manual porting. This is now in progress and please allow 1 - 5 working days for this to be completed. 


Another call will be done by the Account Supervisor once this has been completed to ensure that all are set. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.