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TPG's process on Telephone number porting - How does TPG notifies cusomer when the number is ported

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Level 2

I changed my ADSL to FTTB with Telephone and requested to port my telstra number. It was stated that it takes upto 5 working days to port the number.

Now my question is does TPG notifies the customer when the porting is done?


TPG expects the customer to disconnect the Telstra/telephone service after 5 working days from the date of the FTTB installation.

In my accounts details it shows my Telstra phone number under FTTB Digital Voice.

I called TPG support then transferred to case manager and then to customer service and then was on hold for a while to get this answer.

I would think it is a good gesture and saving of human time to provide clear expectation and process/procedure to the customers to avoid confusion.



Hi @Guhas


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for the suggestion that you have provided. We will take this into consideration for future reference.


Since your service was installed yesterday, it may take until the end of the business day on Monday for the porting to be completed. Please ensure that your account remains active with the other provider until porting is completed.


At the moment, the easiest way to determine if the porting has been completed is to perform a test call to your home phone and see if you are able to receive incoming calls.


Please let us know if you still have questions or in need of clarification.