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Telstra Business Smart Modem working settings for TPG FTTN

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I'm posting this in case anyone in a similar situation to me needs to know how to get this combination of things to work.

* NBN Fibre to the Node (TFFN) connection

* TPG NBN Account

* Telstra Business Smart Modem


It's an odd combo for sure, but I got the modem off a friend who hadn't used it and I thought I'd save some money and some eWaste and see if I could get it going with a TPG NBN FTTN connection. Behind the Telstra branding this  modem is a pretty decent Netgear (V7610) router with a fast-ish processor. 


telstra modem.jpeg


After some fiddling around with settings on the modem admin portal I got it to work. Here's my settings.

Advanced >> Setup >> xDSL Settings 

  • Transfer Mode PTM

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.40.19 pm.png

Advanced >> Setup >> xDSL Settings

  • Use Wan Uplink Mode : Yes
  • Internet Service Provider : PPPoE
  • Login and Password : <your TPG login/password>
  • Service Name : Blank
  • Connection Mode : Always On
  • Idle Timeout : 0
  • Internet IP Address : Get Dynamically from ISP
  • Domaini Name Server Address : Get Dynamically from ISP

Ignore the IP address values (leave them blank) they will get filled in when you connect.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.39.36 pm.png

The cabling was pretty straight forward, but if you're buying 2nd hand you'll need the seller to have kept the black splitter box you can see in this photo.IMG_3701.jpeg

Then plug the black DSL cable out of the splitter into the wall and the grey one into the DSL port on the far left at the back of the modem.