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Terrible Service

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I signed up with TPG almost 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. When I signed up I gave them my address for the connection and they went and told NBN but NBN said that the connection for my address was listed under another address and that it must have two addresses for the same house, but it doesnt. TPG asked me if this was the case and I said it was not and that my orignal address is the only address. I was then notified from TPG that my service should be active and after hours of phone calls with TPG saying it wasnt working, they find that they lodged it under the wrong address, even though I told them the correct one twice. I am now left without internet for who knows how long and all I get from them now is they are not sure what happened and are you sure you gave the right address? even though I have email trails. Not happy about this screw up. 


Hi @tvarlow,


I’m really sorry about the inconvenience this has caused. This is not the experience we've expected for you to have. I've chased this now with our Service Delivery team and they'll be contacting you today between 12:00pm - 1:00pm to discuss this further with you.


We've also seen your other post regarding this issue and has replied on it. To avoid redundancy, let's stick to that post and please refer to that should you have any questions.


For your reference -



Level 2

Good afternoon,


I am continuing to reply to this thread as I have accepted the solution on the previous (not that it was actually solved). The issue continues, I just recieved a ohine call telling me that the email i sent a week ago didn't show the serial number for the NBN box as requested. Well it did and now im frustrated that it took TPG a week to do nothing but tell me i was wrong when I was right. I am still without internet and am chewing through my phone data to be able to connect to do work. it is unnaceptable that the only response I get is that my case is under investigation. Nobody has claimed responsibility for using the incorrect address after me emailing saying it was incorrect proir to signup. I want TPG to take responsibility for their mistake and help me connect. If you are unable to provide with me with internet at this stage (even though I was told I could connect straight away) then provide me with another way to connect, maybe a dongle or componsate my mobile plan. You say this isnt the experience I should recieve, yet this is the only experience you have given me. 

Please also give me information about the possible cancelation of my plan as the service you have given me has been rubbish. Im sure other providers will be of more assistance and actually provide me with a service.


Hi @tvarlow


Apologies for the trouble.  


I've checked the notes on your account and can see that you've been speaking with your assigned case manager. 


Your case is being looked after and our Service Delivery is continuously managing the connection process and applying pressure to NBN Co to obtain as much information as possible and have your services installed. 


We've also made a follow up for the interim request. 


We will continue to push for a resolution with them and you will be updated by the assigned case manager as soon as we have an update.


Level 2

Good morning,


Folowing your reply, NBN has now advised that my address is now active and service is available. Is it possible to transfer my connection from the incorrect address to the correct address so that I can finally connect? 


Thanks for updating us @tvarlow.


I've chased this now with our Service Delivery team and they'll be in touch as soon as possible with you.