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The different agents who have been unable to help me then closed chat

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Renalyn - gave me terrible advice, tried to get me to switch to a different plan and keep my relationship with TPG when all i wanted to know was why my 10mpbs connection wasnt working with even one device connected streaming in low res. I told her my internet was intermittently dropping out, she waited til one of those moments to close chat and say "Have a lovely day" without helping me whatsoever. I want to know how come your agents disrespect consumers so much? I have already explained WHY we want a stable connection (my partner cannot work from home during a pandemic without severely affecting his KPIs... are you guys going to reimburse him for his travel costs, pay a risk premium and pay for the **ty connection weve had so far? Doubtful. SO please just let go of the exit fees.What weve had to go through is totaled to far more than $350.)

Martin and Matt (tech support) Ignored me completely and closed the chat
Jethro - ignored me past a certain point, i waited hours and he just closed chat at closing time.
Ruth- kept me waiting for 4 hours and closed the chat.

theres more, but i only started documenting them recently. 

Im so disgusted by TPG customer care. Id been fired if i took that approach in my job. ridiculous. 


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