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Trying to sort out a move, but lack of customer service is KILLING ME!

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After TENS OF HOURS on the online chat, and speaking with four staff over the course of a week, I am now getting notifications that my service has been transfered. 

And that I need to activate it. 

With specific FTTC tech that was to be sent out to me. 

You've charged me for the postage. 

You've not sent any tracking information. 

I'm falling behind on work, desperately trying to contact someone. Jamming the 'Start Chat' button, but the queue is too long to join. Phone on hold on the phone service... with no one answering. 

I've emailed. I've messaged your facebook page. 

And I've gotten a reminder text to activate my service. 

This is unacceptable. What am I supposed to do going forwards?