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Unsatisfied serivce from TPG

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On Saturday May 11 2019 i contacted TPG regarding an upgrade from Adsl+2 to NBN50. Have been with TPG since 1997 so as a "valued" customer, was offered no install, no upgrade fee , no lock-in contract free modem & waive the $10 delivery fee. 2 companys offered same deal  1 adding 6 months at 59.99 the other a 100 credit TPG said they dont match or counter offer against other companys. TPG admin sucks but always found the product  to be excellent so better the devil you know right??  Was on hold for processing request when the consultant came back on and asked icould thdy credit my account with $10 which they would then credit back in 24/48hrs asked if back to bank account got the reply "no, a credit to your TPG account" i refused - you can see why!! They processed, saying would calll mon. No callback mon or tues so I called  and was advised request rejected because of the $10 delivery fee. If i paid the $10 then they could action. Not first time been promised something and never got it. Not first time been promised callback and never recieved. What happened to you TPG?? There was a time both product & customer service were exemplary. Whilst the product never declined the cust service certainly has , so low that you are now offering deals and then using underhand & extortion tactics to reneg on a lousy $10. Being a "valued" TPG  leaves you feeling exremley warm  and very fuzzy.... like electrocution. TPG how low can you go


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We're able to locate your account using your community details and we've seen that this issue has been escalated and now being handled by one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager.

We will chase this up for additional reference. It would be best if the assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager will contact you directly to provide you details via Email or Phone call when update is available.

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